There are many options available in the quest to get rid of wrinkles and seek that desired youthful glow. While some treatments are more invasive than others, many do not require surgery to produce the desired results. This article discusses; “what are PDO threads?” and why you should consider them.


Benefits of PDO Threads


PDO stands for Polydioxanone. It has been safely used for decades, including in dissolvable stitches. Threads are single pieces of nylon-like material with properties that are injected into the body and absorbed. There are several benefits to these options for aesthetic purposes. They include:


  • Fast treatment time
  • Long-lasting results
  • No surgery required
  • No downtime
  • Effective smoothing and lifting results


Who Should Get Them?


As you age, you lose collagen and elasticity in your skin. This can result in your face looking saggy. If you want a solution to tighten and smoothen your skin, you are likely a good candidate for PDO threads. 


Lifting and Smoothing Threads


There are two main types of targeted results with these treatments. Many people decide between lifting and smoothing PDO threads, which are the most popular. The option you choose depends on your desired results and preferences, although the procedure is similar for both. Lifting threads are a great choice if you want to increase and tighten the volume in your skin and boost collagen levels that decline with age. Smoothing treatments are done similarly and boost collagen but work to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles to reveal consistent, youthful skin. Both options are effective in all areas of the face, especially around the lips and cheeks. 


About The PDO Threads Procedure


Instead of a lengthy, invasive procedure, the treatment process for lifting and smoothing threads is non-invasive and fast. Once you arrive at your appointment, your skin is numbed to provide comfort throughout the treatment, which should not be painful. The number of threads used depends on the desired treatment area and results. Typically, between 1-5 are inserted per treatment section. Then, a needle carrying the threads is inserted into the skin once the area is fully anesthetized. The procedure usually lasts less than an hour. 


How Long Do Results Last?


You can expect a tightening and smoothing effect almost instantaneously following the procedure. However, the real magic happens in the months following the treatment, when the skin continues to lift and tighten. These threads are considered a nonsurgical facelift – because the results usually peak at around six to twelve months after the procedure. You may need several treatment sessions depending on your desired look and results. 


Where Can I Get PDO Threads in Western MA?


Ascent Laser Aesthetics offers lifting and smoothing threads in East Longmeadow, MA. Our goal is to provide cosmetic and aesthetic services to help you look and feel your best, and nonsurgical facelifts are an example.  


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