As we age, we lose collagen and elasticity in our skin. This makes wrinkles more obvious and accentuates fine lines. Although you can look into cosmetic facelifts, another option is PDO threads. But how long do PDO threads last? Understanding the results you can expect can give you more information about how they work for you. 

What Are PDO Threads?


PDO threads are a type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Threads are nylon-like materials that dissolve and absorb into the skin. You can use several single threads per facial area. After the process, your skin absorbs the threads, stimulating new collagen growth.  This makes your skin look and feel younger.


Are They Safe?


Polydioxanone sutures are safely used to tighten and lift the skin. They are non-toxic and suitable for most skin types, even those with allergies, making them a great alternative to cosmetic surgery. Providers have used PDO threads for other procedures for over three decades. Some of these other procedures include wound closures, gynecological and childbirth-related injuries, and more. PDO threads are FDA-approved. 


Treatment Areas


If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to have younger-looking skin, PDO threads are a great option to consider. These non-toxic threads provide the following benefits:


  • Tightened skin
  • Decrease in lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulation of new collagen growth
  • Improved texture and elasticity
  • Long-lasting results


It is effective on several areas of the body like the face, neck, and body. These are the areas that are most affected by the signs of aging. 


Do PDO Threads Last Forever?


PDO threads last for a long time but are not usually a permanent solution. They typically last from one to three years depending on the type and quality of threads used. You can expect to see an immediate tightening of the skin following the procedure. Peak results occur at around 6 months after treatment. To maintain your results, book a follow-up treatment or several to get the youthful glow you want. 


Types and Number of Threads


Different types of threads offer their own results. Mono/mesh threads have a structure that resembles a net and is best for tightening the skin. Barbed threads insert and attach to the skin tissue, making them effective for lifting and pulling. The number of threads used can also determine the results you can expect. 

Good Candidates for PDO Threads

If you have loose, sagging skin due to aging, you are likely a good candidate for a thread lift. Younger people may notice that PDO threads last longer for them. This treatment may not be suitable or safe for the following people:


  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Diabetics
  • People with autoimmune or skin conditions and infections


During the consultation, we will discuss your unique needs and whether you are a good candidate for PDO threads. In the consultation, you will also learn how long they are likely to last for you.

Ready to find out the benefits of PDO threads for yourself? Book a consultation with Ascent Laser Aesthetics and see the lifting and tightening results..