Should you choose laser tattoo removal? If you regret your tattoos from several years ago, getting them removed might be the best choice. There are several reasons people remove their tattoos. Sometimes the meaning behind the tattoo changes, or the design no longer suits you. Other times, you may wish not to have a tattoo “just because”. Regardless of the reason behind tattoo removal, there are treatment options to choose from. Ascent Laser Aesthetics provides tattoo removal services as part of our cosmetic services to help you feel and look great. Should you select tattoo removal? Read on to learn more about the process and if it’s right for you.


Find An Experienced Professional


Whether you want to get a tattoo or have it removed, it’s so important to visit an experienced professional. Get referrals from friends and family to find someone who can safely and effectively perform it. At Ascent Laser Aesthetics, we offer quality tattoo removal services, no matter your reasons for choosing it. Our experienced team will help you feel comfortable. PicoSure technology removes tattoo ink without hurting or damaging the skin around it. You must visit a qualified and safe tattoo removal provider to avoid getting an infection or not getting the best quality work.


What To Expect


If you want to look into tattoo removal services, it’s helpful to know what to expect. First, you should know it is possible to remove a tattoo altogether if you want to. It depends on a few factors. For example, tattoos with older ink tend to be removed more easily than newer ones. The tattoo’s size and scope also play into how difficult it is to remove. If your tattoo is the length of your arm, has darker colored ink, and is more intricate, you can expect it to take longer to remove. Newer tattoos tend to be more stubborn than older ones. PicoSure technology uses laser light to break up the ink particles until they are removed. The primary benefit of PicoSure tattoo removal is that it works on hard-to-remove tattoos and different color ink – even stubborn black. 


How Many Treatments?


The number of treatments for tattoo removal depends on the ink’s size, scope, shape, and location. Many tattoos require several treatments for optimal results. However, with each session, you can still expect dramatic improvement. Currently, tattoo removal services at Ascent Laser Aesthetics are priced at $75 per treatment.


After Treatment Care


Following laser tattoo removal, after steps are essential to ensure you get the best results. Avoid direct sun exposure since laser treatments can cause your skin to be more sensitive. You also want to use moisturizer and sunscreen during this time as well. With PicoSure laser tattoo removal, scarring is rare. Sometimes you can see a lightening of the treatment area, but that often fades with time as the skin heals. Expect to wait 6-8 weeks between treatment sessions to allow your body time to process and heal.

Are you ready to get started on your tattoo removal journey? Then, schedule a consultation with Ascent Laser Aesthetics to learn more.