Our team at Ascent Laser Aesthetics is thrilled to introduce our newest laser hair removal machine, the Motus AX. What’s so good about it? The Motus AX guarantees the flawless, long-lasting results you love about laser hair removal, but without the pain! Intrigued? Let’s get to know the Motus AX.

Summer’s fast approaching – time to break out those shorts, skirts, and sundresses from storage! The only problem with summertime is that it brings along an annoying companion: hair removal. Out of all hair removal techniques, laser hair removal is the most effective, with results that last much longer than shaving or waxing. But even the best laser hair removal device has its downsides. People with darker skin tones don’t get great results, the process can be painful, and it can take up to six sessions to see results.


The Motus AX is a laser hair removal device developed by Europe’s top aesthetic laser manufacturer. Its proprietary Moveo technology provides a method of laser hair removal in which the laser gradually heats up the hair follicle as it moves through each section. What does this mean for you? Let’s find out.


Let’s face it: hair removal is painful. Or at least it used to be because the Motus AX makes laser hair removal painless. The slow, even pace of the Moveo laser technology gets rid of the zapping sensation commonly found with other techniques. The tip of the laser cools the skin on contact, making the experience truly comfortable and pain-free.


It typically takes up to six visits to see results from laser hair removal treatments. With the Motus AX lasers, results are much faster. You might be able to see results in three to four sessions. The large 20mm laser spot targets and treats even big areas in just five minutes. Even more impressive, the Motus laser allows for 100% energy absorption, yielding more accurate and longer-lasting results.


Finally, a major disadvantage of most laser hair techniques stems from its lack of effectiveness for a broad range of skin tones. Until now, clients with lighter skin see the best results from laser hair removal. A groundbreaking feature of the Motus AX is the ability to treat clients of any skin tone and provide the same fast, painless, and enjoyable hair removal experience for everyone.


We are so excited to offer Motus AX technology at Ascent Laser Aesthetics. Want to schedule a consultation? Contact us to schedule your consultation. We can’t wait to get your skin summer-ready with Motus AX — without the pain and time, it might take you otherwise! Click here to find out more about the Motus AX technology and its benefits.